Your Dream Bathroom Remodel

Your bathroom is one of the most intimate places in your home. It is where you start and end every day and should be where you can relax in luxury. At Cowdin Design + Build, we create luxurious custom bathrooms that are as beautiful as they are functional. We use our 20+ years of bathroom renovation experience to deliver lifestyle upgrades many homeowners’ didn’t know they were missing.

Advice on Remodeling Your Bathroom

Working with only the best bathroom product manufacturers, we improve many homeowners’ lives by providing expert bathroom remodeling ideas/inspiration and advice for a bathroom you can be proud of, all while you save money! Sign up for a virtual free design consultation as the first step to your dream bathroom! Here are a few beautiful master bathroom pictures from our portfolio of quality bathroom remodels for some inspiration:


Why Choose Cowdin Design + Build for Your Dream Bathroom

When partnering with Cowdin Design + Build for your bathroom remodeling, our expert team will involve you in every step of the new bathroom design/style, including:

  • Paint on the walls
  • Materials
  • Tile
  • Lighting
  • Sink/Vanity
  • Flooring
  • Shower/Bath
  • Toilet

We do the heavy lifting, but to ensure your goals and expectations are exceeded, you are in charge and informed of every decision. Since our start in 2008, it has been our top priority to deliver the highest quality bathroom remodeling projects while adhering to your budget and schedule. Contact us today for a bathroom remodeling many homeowners dream about.

Bathroom Remodel versus Bathroom Renovation

The terms renovation and remodeling are often mistaken to be the same, project-wise. However, when it comes to the planning and construction of a project, it is important to understand that renovation and remodeling mean different things to contractors.

  • Bathroom Renovation

A renovation works with a preexisting layout or floor plan. During the bathroom renovation process — whether it’s installing a new sink or tub, flooring, new lighting, shower head, or even fixtures — work is done to improve the aesthetic appearance of the bathroom into your dream bathroom design, without actually changing the shape/layout of the space. Many renovations can be completed in just a few days.

  • Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling is essentially renovation plus construction and redesign. This can include redoing the wiring and plumbing, installing a new sink, re-flooring, rearranging walls, and many other things which can add to a preexisting budget. In plain terms, a remodel is a much larger project than a renovation.

The Cost Of a Bathroom Remodel

Due to the variety of changing costs that a bathroom remodeling consists of, it is hard to estimate just how much a complete remodeling can cost. Add in factors such as labor costs, project materials, and size of the bathroom, and the costs increase. 

However, here at Cowdin Design + Build, our mission is to remodel your bathroom into a luxurious and comfortable space that you will enjoy, all while you save money.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas + Our Designer

In a complementary virtual consultation with our designer, we discuss your ideas and inspiration to create a cost-effective and perfect bathroom design. Whether you’re inspired to do a complete remodel on a small bathroom to give yourself more elbow room or just need a more functional bathroom design, we will deliver the perfect space to suit your style and complement the rest of your house.

 Take the First Step with Cowdin Design + Build

We deliver expert craftsmanship services to match your style at an affordable price! Located in Plymouth, MI; contact Cowdin Design+Build for a free design consultation today! Call us at 734-414-1500 or sign up online to learn more about our bath remodels and home renovation services.

“Organized, talented, and honest professionals who are a pleasure to work with. They participated in the planning at my pace, allowing me to be sure of my design choices before execution. I made a lot of changes during the planning phase, but Dawn Orzech, the designer, is a pro who rolled with me and even found a little humor as I kept making changes during planning. I think I actually surprised her when I said, “I’m ready, let’s do this.” But only for a minute. I’m thrilled with the results. The whole experience exceeded my expectations.”

Carolyn Bright

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