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Whole Home Remodel / Addition
September 20, 2023

One of Cowdin Design + Build’s latest projects was a comprehensive whole-home remodel/addition in partnership with the interior design firm Haven of Plymouth. This ambitious endeavor doubled the square footage of the existing home, transforming it into a spacious and modern living space. Every surface was meticulously updated to reflect contemporary aesthetics and functionality. The expansion included the addition of a four-car garage, providing ample storage and convenience for the homeowners.

The remodel also introduced several luxurious new features. A new primary suite offers a serene retreat, while a game room complete with a golf simulator provides endless entertainment. The addition of a guest bedroom and full bath ensures comfortable accommodations for visitors. To enhance everyday living, we included a mudroom with laundry facilities, combining practicality with style. This collaboration with Haven of Plymouth has resulted in a beautifully transformed home that perfectly balances elegance and functionality. Photos by Melissa Douglas Co.